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Special 26 Lyric With English Translation

Movie: Special 26
Name: Mujh Mein Tu Hi Tu Basa
Music: MM Kreem
Singer: Keerthi Sagathia
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Mujh mein tu, tu hi tu basaa
Nainon mein jaise khwaab sa
Jo tu na ho toh paani paani naina
Jo tu na ho to main bhi hounga main na
Tujhee se mujhe sab ataa
Mujh mein too, toohi tu basa
Naino me jaise khwaab sa

You alone are within me
in my eyes, just like a dream
If you aren't there, the eyes are all water,
If you aren't there, I won't be me
Through you only everything is blessed upon me,
You alone are within me
in my eyes, just like a dream

Ishq aashiqi mein, kuchh log chhant-ta hai
Zakhm baant-ta hai
Unhein dard baant-ta hai
Tod detaa hai khwaab saare dekhte-dekhte
Kar de barbaad sa
Jo tu na ho to paani paani naina..

Love, while loving, chooses some people
Shares wounds,
It shares the pain with them
It breaks all the dreams in a moment,
It destroys everything
If you aren't there, the eyes will weep..

Safar do qadam hai, jise ishq log kehte
Magar ishq waale, sab safar mein hi rehte
Khatam hota naa umar bhar hi ishq kaa rasta
Hai yeh behisab sa

The journey is of two steps, which is called love by people
But the ones in love just remain in the journey
The path of love doesn't end in complete life
It is a bit incalculable

Jo tu naa ho to paani paani naina
Jo tu naa ho to main bhi hounga main na
Tujhee se mujhe sab ataa
Mujh mein too, tuhi tu basa
Nainon me jaise khwaab sa

Movie: Special 26
Name: Dharpakad
Music: MM Kreem
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Bappi Lahiri

Muyi jawaani sadkein naapee
Muaa zamaana aadha paapi
Kaun original sab kuchh copy
Muyi zindagi aapa dhaapi

All the damned life (I) had to roam here n there,
The damned world is half sinner..
Who's original all is copy,
The damned life is a mad competition..

Iski gardan uske pair
Iski lungi uska aanchal
Iski ungli uske baal
Pakad le apna kaam nikaal
Muye na reh tu akad-akad
Muye tu apna kaam nikaal
Muyi life hai dharpakad
Dhar pakad dhar dhar pakad..

One's neck, the other's feet..
One's lungi's another's skirt..
One's finger, another's hair,
Catch hold of whatever, and get your job done..
O damned, don't live rigidly
O damned, get your job done..
The damned life is nab and grab..

Jaate chor ki pakad langoti
Har ek daud ka maksad roti
Chor-Sipaahi Chooha-Billi
Bombay-Patna ho ya Dilli
Khel rahe sab pakdam-pakdi
Par paise kee chalti tagdi
Mua zamaana bhed hai pyare
Paisa hee is bhed ko chaare
Jaise taise paisa aaye
Gora kaala jaise aaye
Har koi jugat lagaaye jaaye
Is paise ki haaye haaye

Catch whatever you can of what's going away
The aim of every race is livelihood,
All the thief and police, mice and cat,
Be it Bombay, Patna or Delhi..
All are playing _________
But money gets things done..
This world is a sheep O dear,
only money can feed this sheep..
Somehow money should come,
white-black, any type should come..
everyone keeps planning that..
This money be damned..

Is se aaye badi akad
Kaala ho toh dhar pakad
Dhar pakad dhar dhar pakad..

With this (money) comes big attitude
And if it's black (money) then grab
(the money and the person who has it)

Muyi jawaani pyaar ki matki
Yes aur No ki adhar me atki
Yes bole to Picture Coffee
No bole to behen ji maafee

Damned youth is vessel of love,
Stuck in the mid of Yes and No,
If yes there is picture and coffee,
If no, it's "excuse me sister!"

Mua zamaana taang adaaye
Jag andha par nain ladaaye
Buddhi ho ya na ho bhaiyya
Phir bhi jag mein sabki raay
Baant rahe par saath akal ka
Raah chalte ko pakad pakad
Yahaan wahaan pe dhar pakad
Dhar pakad dhar dharpakad...

The damned world meddles,
The world is blind but talks to your eyes..
[literally fight of eyes, which proverbially is to fall in love]
whether one has brains or not,
still, in this world everyone has an opinion..
we still give everyone a piece of our mind,
to anyone and everyone..
[literally: holding people on the road]
grab here and there..
nab and grab...

Movie: Special 26
Name: Tujhe Sang Lagi na chhoote
Music: MM Kreem
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: KK, MM Kreem

Rab roothe yaa jag yeh chhoote
Jaan roothe ya zehen yeh choote
Yaar mere, aitbar mere
par tujh sang lagi, tujh sang lagi
Lagi na chhoote, tujh sang lagee
Lagi na chhoote, tujh sang lagee

Whether God takes offense or this world is left
or the life gets angry or this heart is left
Oh my friend, oh my trust
now the affection towards you does not go,
The affection towards you does not go away

Maang liya hai sab kuchh maine
Maang liyaa hai jab tujh ko
Pyaar wafa ka Kashi Kaba
Maan liya hai ab tujh ko
Yeh bhi pata hai sach too hi hai
Log hain saare bas jhoothe
Yaar mere, aitbar mere
Par tujh sang lagee, lagi naa chhoote

I have asked for everything
if I have asked for you
I have considered you
the religion of love and loyalty
I also know that you only are the truth
and all the people are liars
Oh my friend, oh my trust
But the affection towards you doesn't go..

Khaak bana de ab tu chahe
Paaq bana de chaahe too
Ufff na karoonga bhooley se bhi
Ab main hawale tere hoon
Eid sa hoga wo pal, jab tu
Pyaar se meraa sab loote
Yaar mere aitbar mere
Par tujh sang lagee, Lagi na choote...

Whether you make me a nothing
or you make me holy
I won't complain a tad bit even by mistake
Now, I am devoted to you
That moment would be like Eid
when you rob me completely, with love
Oh my friend, oh my trust
But the affection towards you doesn't go..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special 26. Releasing Tomorrow

Hello friends,
Back after a loong tym. Special Chabbis is going to release tomorrow i.e., 8-2-2013. This movie title itself suggest that this movie is special in many respects. This movie has Akshay Kumar and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles and Neeraj Pandey of "A Wednesday" fame as its director. This movie also features many talented actors from the Bollywood Industry. The movie is inspired from a real life story in the 1980's and is made.

This movie is special for Kajal Aggarwal for many reasons. It is the second release of Kajal Aggarwal in Bollywood as a lead actress and the movie title is apt for Kajal Aggarwal for one more reason. This movie is the 26th movie in Kajal Aggarwal career starting from Kyun! Ho gaya Na.. to date.

So wishing the whole team of Special Chabbis a very big success.

Keep visiting guys for the review of the movie...

Saturday, January 12, 2013